Telemetry: 3.2″ Touchscreen LCD

 photo 3d05e3b8-6223-44d5-9986-d808b3d58494.jpg

LCD_Back photo LCD_Back.jpg

I bought this 3.2″ TFT LCD screen, shipped from China for only $16.×240-Touch-LCD-A.htm

The main reason I ordered this LCD screen was because I wanted something large enough to be able to see on the dashboard, but I didn’t want something too large. I have also been looking into a graphics package, uGFX, which works with the ChibiOS RTOS. The LCD and Touch controllers on this LCD screen are supported by the graphics package I mentioned, so there is no need to write the drivers for them to work. I will be connecting the screen temporarily by wires, but I will eventually design a PCB shield to connect the LCD to the STM32F4 board. I will post the wiring connections soon, so stay tuned.

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